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Rental Cycle
  (10)   - In Stock
Rental Cycle is a web technology based platform that provides services more than 25 locations in a city..
300/- 260/-
Rental Bike
  (24)   - In Stock
This is a Website based platform in which customers can rent the bike for traveling purposes and there is an option to select the user choice bike accordingly to the rent price.
600/- 520/-
Online Exam
  (24)   - In Stock
It's a web-based platform to check your ability, skills and performance by attending this simple exam test, this platform is open for all corporate sectors as well as school, college and university.
600/- 550/-
Smart Car (Voice/bluetooth) control.
  (2)   - In Stock
Iot based project work in both Voice and bluetooth recognition. There is an android app, that is when a user is speak though the android app the voice command is transferred wirelessly to the micro controller and it's run according to the command and when if any obstacles comes Infront of the car, it will stop.
4000/- 3900/-
Temp. & Humidity Measurement System
  (3)   - In Stock
IOT based Project that is a device that can measure Temperature and humidity of a room.
2200/- 2100/-
Emergency Response/Communication System.
  (2)   - In Stock
Iot based project for Emergency Communication/Response System.Using this device we can communicate with each other in the radius of 20km and this device can work without using any network or any GSM operator and about the product it is small in size , It is working with low power supply and cost is very less and there are many advantages of future scopes.
6500/- 6200/-
FullStack MERN E-Commerce Project
  (2)   - In Stock
A website based E-commerce project , It's developed in MERN I.e, M=Mongo DB | E=Express | R=React.js | with a payment gateway.(Note:No db file is provided, db connection code is provided).
2200/- 2100/-
Library management system.
  (20)   - In Stock
Web technology based platform i.e, Management software for monitoring and controlling the transactions in a library . The project “Library Management System” is developed in php , which mainly focuses on basic operations in a library like adding new books, and updating new information, searching books and members and return books.
700/- 640/-

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